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The PRINCE2® Information

The PRINCE2® Information

PRINCE2® project management is a method launched in 1996 for managing projects in an efficient way. This method is used in both the private and public sectors to manage and plan their projects more effectively. Now it has become a well-known project management method both in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter whether you have a large-scale project or a minor-scale project Prince2 is the best project management method that provides you an effective approach to planning and launching your projects.

Who is suitable to follow Prince2?

This is specially designed for organizations and individuals who are required to understand how to plan and manage a successful project. From project managers to project support staffs are suitable to follow Prince2. Since this is adaptable for a wide range of projects, any person on the staff is welcome to follow Prince2.

Prince2 course consists of two levels of qualifications.

PRINCE2® Foundation

PRINCE2® Foundation is the first step of the course. It covers the fundamentals of project management like terminology and methodology. It can be followed by a 3-day classroom course and self learning computer based package. The key objectives of this course are:

  • Understand the elementary aspects like principles and project management processes.
  • Help to understand and organize project themes.
  • Help project staff members to operate themselves effectively and supportively with managers and rest of the staff.

The foundation level exam is held at the end of the 3 day course. Candidates will have to face a 1 hour paper and results will be given after 30 minutes.

PRINCE2® Practitioner 

Prince2 practitioner is the second and the highest level of prince2 qualifications. It can be followed by a 5 day classroom course, self-learning computer based package and a prince2 practitioner upgrade. The self-learning package includes videos, sample exam papers and many other valuable resources. These packages can also be accessed using mobile phones or i-Pads. This course is designed for practitioners to get a deeper knowledge of project management and integrated processes.

A practitioner level exam is held at the end of the course. Candidates will have to face a 2 ½ hour paper and results will be given within 4 weeks.

For individuals, following Prince2 courses and having Prince2 certification are priceless to reach the peak of their careers. For project managing organizations it is a great assistance to keep their staff active and efficient. It also helps to plan your organization’s projects in an organized and controlled way. Prince2 certification gives those organizations formal recognition among other competitors in the field.