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Accountant, Schlumberger

  It was a very good experience taking PMP lecture with your Learners Ink. The coordinators were up and doing and timely. They called for reminders on readiness of the participants and the lectures were well organized. The whole lectures were very interesting, Lecturer was very audible, welcomes questions at any time, answers questions without rush and confirms if one understands her explanations. I enjoyed the lectures in its entirety. 

Security Program and Risk Administrator

  Learners Ink is all about giving you the tools to succeed. The training delivered is professionally done and a in a way that you can memorize the materials to pass the exam. They take a enormous amount of content and break it down into amounts that can be consumed. The Instructor was very educated, easy to follow and made the content entertaining with real life examples. Well worth the money! 

Sr. Consultant, CGI

  The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions that we had. He used a lot of real world scenarios and his own, on-the-job expertise that was extremely helpful to us. 

Engineering Manager, Honeywell Indonesia

  The session was very interactive and helpful giving us clear insight of PMP certification exam. 

Project Manager

  Instructor is a very easy person to communicate with and extremely knowledgeable in his field. In addition he has a great ability to share real world experiences with us in a highly relevant manner. The four days live virtual training was extremely educational and highly enjoyable. I look forward to future dealings with Learners Ink and highly recommend him to anybody or company looking for project management training. 

Superintendent, USAF

  This course was valuable and I have already had the opportunity to expand the knowledge received during a leadership offsite. I do feel I would have gained more knowledge by physically being in a class setting vs DL being that I’m a more hands on person. 

Business Analyst

  The Training course is very good. In order to understand and design theory was very good. I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMI Exam. Good thing is that the Learners Ink online material was very helpful in my exam preparation and I will definitely recommend it for other aspirants. 

Access Coordination Manager

  Instructor is very knowledgeable. He is very patient and very specific about making the concept understand. The sessions were very clear and classes were always on time without any delay. Learners Ink technical team support was great and always responded to any queries. 

Senior Project Manager

  I learned exactly what I need to in Project Management. The instructor explained everything very well like, concepts of PMP, Communication and Risk management. 

Customer Service Team Manager

  I really liked the way the instructor guided me. I would recommend this course to others as well. I learnt much more than what I was expecting. 

SR. Specialist, Tech Project Management

  I took PMP online classes with Learners Ink. Wanted to let you know that I was successfully able to pass the PMP exam couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed learning the concepts of PMP through Learners Ink by the excellent laid out structure. The instructor method of teaching was very helpful. During the classes he went over the concepts in detail & clarified all the questions patiently. He shared his real world experiences which helped the student to relate to the topic. Even after the completion of course, while reviewing the chapters in LMS, I struggled in few areas & when I reached out to Mr.John without any hesitation he explained it to me with good examples. Wanted to take a moment to thank the persons who contributed the most in my success. 

Network Manager

 Hydro Fighter Repair Network Manager, USAF "I came into the boot camp with little to no experience in Project management. After taking the course I have a lot of knowledge for the PMP certification exam. However since I really had no other experience the course was overwhelming to me. It showed me the areas that I need to study more and read more so that I am fully ready for the EXAM. 

Associate System Engineer at HPE

  The instructor, the materials, the content, all of the online training and support materials gave me all of the insights that I needed to pass the PMP on the first attempt. 

Program Manager at KPMG

 The breakdown of the concepts was very well done. Instructor is a excellent and the sessions have been interactive and a great learning experience. Would definitely recommend anyone planning PMP certification to attend the training. 

Architect-Technology at EXL

  ITIL Training module is very well organized & it helped me to understand various fundamentals of service management. The course content is of very high quality & trainer was very good. 

Network Engineering Specialist at HPE

 ITIL Training delivered was excellent. Course material is good & trainer is excellent in knowledge sharing. 

Sr. Consultant at Faisal Jassim Trading LLC

  Very good instructor. We enjoyed learning the methods of SSGB. Training provided by faculty was good to understand the Concepts. 

Program Coordinator at Cargill

 Trainer was really good & his explanations to the concepts helped more knowledge in the subject. Overall a good training experience. 

IT Project Manager at JP Morgan

 The online support & the classroom training mode offered by them was really good. The training was really valuable & provided excellent training on SSGB. 

Project Manager at HPE

 I am totally satisfied with the quality of the training. Good training & good faculty. 

Sr. Software Engineer at HPE

 The instructor I had the pleasure to work with has great down to earth real experience, I was extra ready to write the exam and passed the first time. The staff is excellent. I look forward to future dealings with Learners Ink and highly recommend him to anybody or company looking for project management training.